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Welcome to The Bird Cage Shop, my name is Francis and my business partner is Steve. We have kept a large collection of parrots for approximately 30 years. After constant rebuilds and repairs to our wooden aviaries, thought there had to be a better way to save time and money so decided to build new ones using aluminium box. Our first aviaries were good but that was 20 years ago, we have come a long way since those early days and now build excellent quality cages and aviaries also selling materials for people wanting to build there own. Our friends saw what we were doing and also wanted us to make theirs. Soon the demand was so great The Bird Cage was created. 

 We decided to put this website together after many reqeusts by regular customers. Aviaries have been sold all over the country to bird gardens, zoos and private individuals and some even went into a prison to house Macaws.     


Francis Freeman

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We are located in Nottinghamshire

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